About Me

Salut, Enchanté! Je suis Selena!…Hello, Nice to meet you! My name is Selena… Lol and no I am not French, but I could be if I wanted to add a certain “je ne sais quoi”, a certain flair, perhaps an illusion but I prefer not to as I warmly welcome you to my site.

Ok, let’s see, where should I start? First, I greeted you, next I suppose would be for me to tell you how different my site is from anyone else’s and how unique all of its content is…But truthfully we all get inspiration from somewhere. Hopefully, as you wander through my pages you feel bursts of inspiration or a satisfying and happy read.

Lena Dee Blogger About me pic!

I want you to feel inspired

This blog is designed to display my creative side, while making it interactive and sharing awesome content and ideas with anyone who happens to stumble upon it. If you’re into fashion, need a few lifestyle hacks, consider yourself a total foodie or simply enjoy art in its various forms… then boy do I have some treats for you!  

I have tried to start my blog for some time; I allowed certain things and certain people to dim my light. I got caught in such a dark loop that my sanguine nature slowly dwindled and I battled myself. There were so many things going on around me then eventually I graduated (from the University of the West Indies as an International Business major) with no job and no sure direction about how to accomplish my dreams.

Fortunately, I got a job in business development and found various forms of motivation to help me pursue things I love again. I was reminded that life goes on with or without you and the only thing you can do is pick yourself up and keep trying. Nothing in life is certain but the one thing you have to be sure about is never giving up on yourself.

Further engaging in my artsy side, I finally said screw it, why not finish what I started and make my blog a reality. I did a lot of research, slowly gathered my material over some months and Violà! Here I am! So please make yourself at home and explore my pages, feel free to contact me regarding any queries or ideas you want me to talk about; your feedback is appreciated. Also, don’t forget to check out my social media links and follow me as I continue to learn and share new things.



So yes, if you’ve read to the end… I wrote this for, the one who needs a gentle reminder of the beautiful things in life and most importantly, NEVER be afraid of being your own pop of color when the world around you seems grey.