13 Best Beauty Advent Calendars & 2017

Calling ALL Dolls!

It’s November and I think I’m going to mention that it is almost Christmas again! *Whoop Whoop!* I had plan to make my first November post to be either a DIY lip scrub or a DIY positivity jar. However, I’ve been scrolling through my large amount of subscriptions and everything that’s headlining is MUST HAVE Beauty Advent Calendars.

Yasss! That’s right, some of our favorite brands have some awesome Christmas packages for us. So hold on to your wigs boys and girls cause your about to be snatched! (LOL) I checked several sites and these are some of my fave packages especially for the value and variety of the content. I’ll provide links of where you can get them.

P.S. If you’re trying to reallllly save this Christmas and not treat yourself at all, I advise that you step away from the screen, STAT! It’s a scientific fact that you’re not going to make it through this post without wanting to buy at least TWO of these goodies…Let me know if you do.

Amazon Beauty Advent Calender

Amazon always finds a way to amaze us! They’re always on trend and find great deals for every holiday. I mean just look at this packaging! The box is very chic with a bold but minimalist design. Like I really don’t want to spoil what’s inside but trust me on this one, you’ll get to sample some of Amazon’s best selling brands. I mean their design concept is pretty cool as well, where you open your present on the date assigned and ONLY after that will a present on the following date appear. Cute right?! Bravo Amazon Beauty….Hurry get yours before this limited edition runs out *Yikes*

ASOS: The Beauty Advent Calendar

*Squeals* ASOS is one of my fave UK online stores and now they’ve made it to my list because I really don’t think you can go wrong with ASOS. Inside the box are brands and beauty faves like NYX, Smashbox, 111Skin & NIP + FAB. Yup, makeup and skincare products! So add this to your wishlist and go get one before it’s too late!

bareMinerals: Box of Wonders

Who doesn’t LOVE makeup that makes you look flawlessly natural AND helps your skin? Nobody ever! bareMinerals has made a name for itself with products that seamlessly blend into skin and now they’re giving us yet another treat for Christmas. The box features a tinted and original finishing powder, mascara, skin serum, THREE (3) lipglosses, EIGHT (8) lipsticks, THREE (3) blushes and a notepad and pen (probs so you could draft some mega wishlists for Santa).

Benefit Cosemtics: SF Winter WonderlandGLAM 2017

Benefit Cosemetic came through with the festive and vibrant packaging and awesome products. I really like this bundle because it has over £76 worth of products half the price. I can see why they sell out EVERY year. Go treat yourself to this 12 days of Christmas delight.
  • 24 days of Christmas mini

    24 days of Christmas mini

  • 25 days of Christmas Standard

    25 days of Christmas Standard

  • 25 days of Christmas Luxury

    25 days of Christmas Luxury

The BodyShop Advent Calendars

The Body Shop doesn’t only provide us with this well packed box of products but it caters to different budgets. There is a mini version, standard version, and luxury version  all helping you to save a few bucks regardless. The treats include a range from makeup, skincare, fragrances and bath & beauty.

CLINIQUE 24 Days of Christmas

CLINIQUE is a highly rated beauty brand and this year they’re giving us an exclusive to some of their best products. Almost everyone has been waiting on this launch, so hurry and get yourself this beauty calendar before it’s sold out EVERYWHERE!

Essie Nail Polish Advent Calendar

All my nail beauts where you at?? Now, Essie has ALWAYS been the plug for me. They try to bring out fun colors for all occasions with various tones. I really think this is a great add to your wishlist. There’s a mix of SEVEN (7) nail polishes, THIRTEEN (13) mini polishes, ONE (1) nail polish remover and THREE (3) mani surprises! Go show some #EssieLove and spoil yourself.
  • Makeup Revolution
  • Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2017
  • Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 

Makeup Revolution is here to S-L-A-Y! This year the beauty brand is back again with some much needed autumn/winter essentials. The colors selected are great for this time of the year with nudes, peachy tones and deeper shades. It features: makeup brushes, a bronzer, lippies, a FULL-SIZED eyeshadow palette, a eyeshadow primer, balms, liquid and pressed highlighters and a travel mirror. Enjoy!!

No 7 Beauty Advent Calendar

The Boots beauty line is the perfect gift for any skincare diva. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link to the 25 Day package due to high demand that has it completely SOLD OUT. However, I found that the 12 Day supply is also a great value. Don’t miss out and grab yourself a box before this one sells out too!

NYX Professional Makeup Lippie Countdown

Just take a minute to appreciate this bold, in-your-face, look-at-me artwork. I really like this brand, I mean, it’s affordable, they have endless collections and surprises, and a plethora of color choices. I think those are great reasons to purchase this beauty box. Plus side, you’ll have a new lippie shade for every day of Christmas. The link I provided is for ULTA but it is supplied at SELFRIDGES as well.

SELFRIDGES 24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar

This was on Harper Bazaar’s list and obviously my list as well. Duh! SELFRIDGES found a way to give us a bit of everything with their super compact box of goodies. The products are categorized by two fashion worthy capitals (Paris and London). Talk about GLA-MO-ROUS! Go out and treat yourself to this bundle.


SEPHORA is taking us on a winter wonderland journey with this collection. Two ords: MUST HAVE! This is so cutely packaged that I just couldn’t say no. Can’t wait until mine arrives. Sephora is like the beauty altar of all beauty places and made sure this was well rounded. There are skin care samples, nail polish, lippies, beauty utensils and MORE.

Sleek Makeup A Gift A Day Advent Calendar

“A gift a day keeps the basics away!” It’s so nice that I had to use their slogan. The box is simply beautiful and if I do say so myself, a sleek design. Enjoy one of their goodies every day of Christmas. You’ll totally enjoy the chance to sample some of their best sellers.
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