1. Kat
    January 22, 2018 @ 5:05 am

    This is so exciting! I’m definitely going to put this in my diary.


  2. Annie
    January 22, 2018 @ 8:25 am

    This is such a cool idea! I would love to get involved! Such a great concept as well! Self love is so important!


  3. Irina
    January 22, 2018 @ 4:05 pm

    Sounds so amazing ! Thanks for sharing:)



  4. Hannah
    January 22, 2018 @ 5:14 pm

    Very exciting and looks to be a brilliant concept that’s getting lots of people involved. Good job!


  5. Sophie
    January 22, 2018 @ 5:26 pm

    Ah this is such good idea! Love the idea of celebrating all kinds of love not just that with your partner!- https://sophiehearts.net x


  6. Carla
    January 22, 2018 @ 5:28 pm

    This sounds like such a great idea – I’m forever in favour of some fashion self-love!


  7. Lisa Dimaline
    January 22, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

    Fabulous idea and you always bring the party 🎉💋 you can feel the excitement in your post 😍


  8. Lindsay Murrell
    January 22, 2018 @ 5:43 pm

    This is such a lovely idea! Self love is something that is so important but not always easy!

    L xo


  9. Bexa
    January 22, 2018 @ 7:20 pm

    Fabulous idea Lena! 💖 Sounds exciting!! Self love is so important, can’t wait to read more about it 😘 Giveaways & games sound super fun. You know how to throw a good party! 💃🕺🏻🍹🎉🎁

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  10. Sophie
    January 22, 2018 @ 9:09 pm


    Anyway, moving on, you’re such a cutie for hosting this. It sounds like a great idea and an amazing way of bringing the community together. Can’t wait to see how it goes! x



  11. Chloe
    January 23, 2018 @ 7:07 pm

    Such a fab idea, I’ll definitely check it out!

    Chloe ❤ http://www.anomalouschloe.com


  12. Beka Louise
    January 23, 2018 @ 7:07 pm

    I think this is such a great idea! I can’t wait to see what you girls all come up with, and self-love is one of my favourite topics!

    Beka. xo


  13. Chloe
    January 23, 2018 @ 7:10 pm

    Hi, this is a fab idea. Self love is important but often forgotten. Can’t wait to read more love the idea of connecting with others and giveaways are a bonus 😊


  14. Katie
    January 23, 2018 @ 7:12 pm

    This sounds amazing. Definitely love to be involved it’s brilliant.


  15. Melanie
    January 23, 2018 @ 7:23 pm

    What a fabulous idea I can’t wait to feel the love !

    Melanie | http://www.frasersfunhouse.com


  16. Huda
    January 23, 2018 @ 7:40 pm

    This sounds like such a great idea! I definitely want to be a part of it and it’s so awesome of you guys to come up with something that promotes self love! ♥️♥️


  17. Emma
    January 23, 2018 @ 8:11 pm

    This is such a great idea! I love how you can tell you are excited about it, I will look forward to seeing how it goes xx

    Emma x http://www.bookinggoodread.com


  18. A Love Affair with Beauty
    January 24, 2018 @ 10:22 am

    Oh this is such a fabulous idea!! I agree Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be about romance with someone else and we all definitely need to practice a bit more self-love. Plus combining it with fashion is great as I love to see different outfits and styles. X


  19. Jenny in Neverland
    January 24, 2018 @ 2:06 pm

    This sounds amazing! I’m all for self-love and self-care <3


  20. Lisa McLachlan
    January 24, 2018 @ 9:29 pm

    What an amazing collaboration. This sounds so much fun and I love the idea using clothes for self love. Also the games and giveaways sound fab too 🙂 What a wonderful way of bringing people together, can’t wait to hear all about it once it starts! Xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com


  21. Bianca
    February 2, 2018 @ 7:13 pm

    This is such an awesome idea! Self-love is extremely important to me personally, and it’s lovely that you’re getting everyone involved to love themselves with the power of fashion. I’m looking forward to checking out this series.


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