Comic Art

Digital Vs Paints

This portfolio comprises “comic book” artwork or like I said comic art, which as the name states, shows art pieces specifically designed as digital graphics. Each piece tells its own story and introduces either my original characters, or characters and scenes from some of my favorite comics. My favorite thing to do with comics is to hand draw them then transform them in Adobe Photoshop. In cases where I don’t put pen or pencil to paper, I use Adobe Sketch/Draw on my iPad where I virtually draw on my tablet screen. Sometimes this can be time consuming but it allows me to do everything digitally while being able to use a natural drawing ability. Moreover, I get the bonus of having all of my art supplies at my fingertips (lol literally).

The comic world is vast and interactive, it allows you to be expressive and brings fantasies to life, a digital life that is. You get to let your characters and every scene be a reflection of whatever your imagination allows. I think comics are awesome and allow for a personal escape that you can’t always get in the real world. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of these graphics and feel free to contact me as I try to update this content as frequent as possible.

Enjoy xx