Character Lookbook

Ok, so who loves D-I-S-N-E-Y ?! *Watches as a multitude of hands shoot up in the air followed by an echo of joyous squeals* I know right! It’s an all time favorite, forever touching the hearts of millions. Regardless of age, gender, class, nationality, etc. Appealing to the masses with continuous efforts to include all groups of people. Mr. Walt Disney and those who carry on the legacy create a sense of belief and inspiration that make dreams come true.

For me Disney has always been my solace, making my emotions and imagination run wild. As a kid I was completely enthralled by this world and as I continue to grow as an artist and as an individual, Disney is there strongly influencing me along the way. So here’s to all you fanatics! I hope you enjoy this look-book of my favorite characters that I drew and recreated; feel free to contact me with any questions.

As old as I get I will still consider myself “A Disney Princess.” Long Live Mickey & Minnie and ALL of the classics after and yet to come.