FREE Christmas Card Designs

FREE Holiday Card Designs for friends and family

‘Tis the Season to be Merry! I Love Christmas and the excitement it brings. I love it so much that I’ve decided to Design some FREE Christmas card designs for you dolls. With all the money that’s put into Christmas and all the gifts that keep on giving I thought it’d be nice to share some designs that you can print at home or at work for FREE to give to all your loved ones. I tried to have fun with the designs and get quirky but I assure you they’ll be appropriate for the season.

I love being able to help others especially around the holidays! So have a look download your faves and print, add a little write up that’s close to the heart and put in an envelope ready to share the love. The designs will fit in a standard A7 envelope or even standard invitation sized envelopes. I will try to upload some more a bit later but surely in time for Christmas and New Years. So comment, let me know what you think and give some suggestions of some super cool and playful ideas you’d like me to design for FREE!