Tales of Entrapment
Light and darkness, angels and demons… These are some of the elements in the alluring world of mythical beings and magic. There is something about this world that captivates people. Some believe that these figures and events are tales used to heighten the experience of story telling from centuries ago. Contrarily, others believe in the possibility of such things occurring and being true. Regardless of beliefs, every cultural group has its version of events that are retold from generation to generation.
I thoroughly enjoy using elements of the mythical realm to create art. The best part in doing so is the ability to merge different cultural aspects to create a hybrid of characters. I get to develop new identities with new intent and add a twist to my magical world. It’s fun and I get to use theories I enjoy reading about. I hope you enjoy this album as it contains my interpretation and reinvention of some of my favorite folk tales. Don’t forget that you can contact me concerning any queries you have.